[A Call For Help for Maligaya Compound Fire Victims]

April 23, 2024

The residents of Maligaya Compound, Brgy. Pilar, Las Piñas were just starting their day when fire struck their area on February 22, 2024, engulfing no less than 30 houses. The first alarm was sounded just a few minutes after the fire broke out at around 8:25 AM, and after another five minutes, it went up to a second-alarm fire due to the massive blaze within the congested area. This incident left around 125 families homeless, with most of them unable to salvage any of their belongings. Other than a few who suffered from minor scratches and burns in their attempt to save what they could, there were no major injuries or casualties. No matter how grateful they are for having their families and neighbors still intact, the trauma of losing almost everything cannot be masked. No matter how much they appreciate the surge of food and clothes coming their way, the thought of how to start rebuilding their lives troubles them. They need more. Thankfully, NLCOM has been blessed to be able to reach out to these fire victims from Maligaya Compound and go beyond just serving them food. In the six weeks of their temporary stay in the Pilar Sports Complex, we have been able to promote healthy recuperation for the children by conducting a session of Psychological First Aid, aside from the weekly feeding of hot meals for the families and fun kiddie activities. We, too, grabbed the opportunity to be able to pray for and minster to some of them.

With every visit, it was usually Nanay Benita who would greet the team as they arrive and affectionately bid goodbye as they leave. Imagine how hard it can be, being an elderly who used to live alone to be in that situation, but never did she show defeat. She once even tried to console a friend, Nanay Delia, saying, “Buti pa nga sa inyo, may bubong pang natira,” when they were talking about reconstructing their fire-swept homes. After being prayed for on the last visit, with tears in her eyes, Nanay Benita expressed her sweet “Thank you!” for how we were able to go there week on week to encourage them and for the pleasant gift. She received one of the very few Bibles we brought and she promised to read it everyday.

Just like Nanay Benita, the kids would always excitedly anticipate the arrival of NLCOM. On the last Saturday, one of the kids started shouting, “Anjan na sila!” upon seeing the team as everyone else went scurrying to the activity area. Expectably, our hearts felt a pang as soon as the activity ended because they were again begging for more. No doubt, they were yearning for something that will let them forget about their dire situation, even for just a moment. The grown-ups and children alike were truly uplifted through the fun activities and the hearty meals served.

We can do more.

With burning compassion, NLCOM desires to extend more help. We want to enable the affected families to resettle their normal lives by providing CGI sheets – the key materials in rebuilding their homes.

With your help, we can give more.

Partner with us in sparking more hope in their lives as they continue to recover and cope. Should you wish to make financial contributions, kindly utilize our bank details (or scan the QR code to know more):

New Life Community Care Foundation Int’l Inc.

Bank: Unionbank Richville Branch

Account Number: 00-133000543-3